Yes, updates for Power Architecture! (Linux hosted)~

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Yes, updates for Power Architecture! (Linux hosted)~

NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Recently I posted up a great update coming from Freescale's Power Architecture hosted for a Windows OS. Have you tried developing any project with Power Architecture yet? Maybe you have, and you won't want to miss this update! And if you have not, what are you waiting for? Today I bring the Linux-hosted version of it enjoy!


With CodeWarrior for Power Architecture v10.1.2 you can reach the full potential of your communications application with CodeWarrior v10.0 for Power Architecture development tools for the Freescale QorIQ processors built on Power Architecture technology. It is now Integrated within an Eclipse framework, the CodeWarrior Development Studio for Power Architecture technology combines GNU build tools and highly advanced asymmetric multiprocessor (AMP)/symmetric multiprocessor (SMP) Linux multicore debugging with software analysis capabilities, allowing you to build, debug and maximize the performance of Power Architecture-based multicore applications.

Is it convincing you yet? Check out the features!

  • Eclipse IDE
  • Flash Programmer
  • Hardware Diagnostics
  • Linux Application Debug
  • Bare-Board Multi-core Debug (restrictions based on suite)
  • Integrated GCC Build Tools/Project Management
  • Linux Trace (Linux Based Software)
  • Linux Kernel Debug (restrictions based on suite)
  • CodeWarrior Build Tools (restrictions based on suite)
  • Trace (Bare metal; selected cores only) (restrictions based on suite)
  • Performance Analysis (selected cores only) (restrictions based on suite)
  • Works with USB TAP and Gigabit TAP run control probes



Get the evaluation editions available for free! Download it for a limited time and take you programming to a new level!

Linux-hosted version is waiting for you!

Within the Release Note you will find interesting content such as product features and guidance to help you out in the installation and usage process of the software.


Remember the support page is up 24/7 if you encounter difficulties, or you can reach further info within the Full Documentation and the Video Tutorials


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