Linker errors in std::tr1::shared_ptr destructor

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Linker errors in std::tr1::shared_ptr destructor

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Hi All,


I ran into some strange linker errors while building a project comprising both C and C++ files. I am using MSL (Metrowerks Standard Libraries) in my project.


I am using PowerPC EABI Linker. Version: Code Warrior PowerPC ISA, Release 8.5 Build 50425

Processor: 827x


Linker error:

Link Error : undefined: 'std::tr1::detail::shared_ptr_deleter_common::release()'

Referenced from 'std::tr1::shared_ptr<char>::~shared_ptr()'


Any ideas about this error ?? I googled and all the discussions were about macintosh and CW version 9.1. But I am using windows and CW version 8.5.


Thanks in advance !!

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   Just mw 2 cents on this one.

   Did you link the C++ libraries with your application? Did you specify you wanted to use C++ as

   programming language when you created the project?



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