Interrupt Vectors / CodeWarrior V6.3

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Interrupt Vectors / CodeWarrior V6.3

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Hello All,
I am using CodeWarrior 6.3 with the M5213EVB eval board and have a question on how to properly set up the interrupt vectors.  The project is using the CF_M5213EVB stationery (C) and my build target is M5213EVB Console Debug.  I've modified the vectors.s file by adding:
   .extern _CAN_ErrorInterrupt
    vector103:  .long   _CAN_ErrorInterrupt
I have the "void CAN_Interrupt(void)"  function defined in my C source file.
The project builds OK, but I don't see the ISR listed in the map file and the size of the .vectors area is 0x00.  Does anyone know how resolve this issue or of any examples that would point me in the right direction?
Thanks in advance...

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Mike D

In the CW environment you should define the interrupt as
__interrupt__ void CAN_Interrupt(void)
mwerks.h uses the following define:
#define __interrupt__ __declspec(interrupt)
This may be all that you need.

Note that the uTasker project will run on the M5213 (as well as the M5223X) and includes CAN support. See the following:

The uTasker project is free for non-commercial use, including email support.


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