How to Install CodeWarrior TRK on Target System?

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How to Install CodeWarrior TRK on Target System?

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      I am using Code Warrior 10.5.1 in window 7. I am create linux application.. It will generate  .elf file.. In Debug Time,  following  error will appear,

 Error launching t4240_app_Linux_Application_Download
CodeWarriorTRKProtocolPlugin : Can't connect to AppTRK (Either target reset may be required or mismatch between selected and connected com port or com port not connected.)

How to solve the issue ?

How to execute .elf file with target system and trace llinus application..

Then How to codewarrior link with Apptrk connection.... 

plz give me the idea.....


I don't know if I have done a minor error or if the approach is totally wrong.


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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Please refer to "7.1 Debugging a Linux Application" in the document C:\Freescale\CW_PA_v10.5.1\PA\Help\PDF\Targeting_PA_Processors.pdf to debug Linux application program.

You need to run apptrk on the target board, AppTRK program is a debug monitor that resides on the embedded system OS (along with target applications) and communicates with the CodeWarrior debugger. AppTRK acts as the interface between the debugger and the target board. CodeWarrior connects to the target board through Ethernet.

You could build AppTRK.elf with the source provide in C:\Freescale\CW_PA_v10.5.1\PA\PA_Tools of CodeWarrior installation path, then tftp the elf file to the target board.

Linux SDK also provide apptrk package, you could build rootfs image with apptrk included.

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