Debugging External built  ELF Files question

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Debugging External built  ELF Files question

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Codewarrior For powerpc V8.5 for debugging  mpc8540 bootrom.elf  built by diab5.0 in tornodo IDE,  the  tornodo version is 2.2.1. 

When following the instrument in "Debugging External ELF Files" in the chaper 6 of the Targeting_Embedded_Powerpc.pdf ,  it's seem not work, but I think the elf files is a common standard for debugging files.

My question is,  if can  the codewarrior  for powerpc debugger import external built elf files for debugging?how to do it ? giving  some examples is appreciated.

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee
Any details on how it does not work?

The general steps on how to setup CodeWarrior to debug your image is in the chapter you referenced in paragraph "Debugging an ELF File". I will repeat just in case:
1. Drag the elf file in CodeWarior (or File->Open from menu)
2. CodeWarrior will present to you a list of remote connections to be used to connect to target.
3. CodeWarrior will create a project with default settings imported from "{CW}\bin\Plugins\Support\PowerPC_EABI\EPPC_Default_Project.XML"
4. CodeWarrior will scan debug information in the elf image and will try to add the referenced source file into the project. CodeWarror will ask you to locate the file if it could not find on you local machine
5. You have to check debug settings from the newly created project if they match your platform. Main things to check is target processor and target init file from "EPPC Debugger Settings" preferences.
6. After this you can start debug session (Project->Debug)

Note that first 5 items can be done only once at first import. Next time when you want to do a debug session open directly the project file (.mcp)

Teodor Madan
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