Codewarrior TAP not working with CCS 4.13

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Codewarrior TAP not working with CCS 4.13

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I am not able to connect to the Codewarrior tap using the new CCS 4.13-build 496.0.0.200525-p0 which comes with the Codewarrior networked studio 11.5.

The error is the following:


It is working correctly using an older version: CCS 4.13-build 492-0.0.191212-p0

The error is reproducible both, Linux and Windows.

Any thoughts?


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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

I didn't reproduce this problem with CCS Build 496.0.0.200525-p0  provided in CodeWarrior 11.5, please refer to my following log.

loading history file ... 0 events added
CodeWarrior Connection Server console display active (Tcl8.4.12 / Tk8.4.12)
Loading CCSAPI Tcl interface (C:/Freescale/CW4NET_v2020.06/Common/CCS/bin/ccstcl.dll)...
Loading Svfburner (C:/Freescale/CW4NET_v2020.06/Common/CCS/bin/svfburner.dll)...
0: CC not present
There are no command converters configured
Server listening on port: 41475
Clients allowed from all hosts
No clients denied
(bin) 1 % config cc cwtap
(bin) 2 % show cc
0: CodeWarrior TAP (cwtap) CC software ver. {0.0}
(bin) 3 % log v
CCS Windows Release Build 496.0.0.200525-p0
verbose logging
(bin) 4 %

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