CodeWarrior Debug - Baudrate issue

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CodeWarrior Debug - Baudrate issue

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I am currently facing an issue while debugging using CodeWarrior TAP on my custom board. My custom board is based on the QorIQ P1015 processor. I am able to run u-boot on my custom board with no issues, but there is an issue when I use the CodeWarrior TAP for debugging my board - (to print the "Welcome to CodeWarrior!" onto the console). The data that is displayed on the serial console is of junk characters (similar to the ones that you see when a baud-rate mismatch occurs), though the display is fine when I use the U-boot on my board. When I try the same program - ("Welcome to CodeWarrior" program) for debugging the reference board P1024RDB it works fine. I am not sure where this goes wrong on my custom board.

P.S - I am currently using the CodeWarrior for PowerPC v10.5.1



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