8.5 -> 8.7 PA, difference in generated code size

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8.5 -> 8.7 PA, difference in generated code size

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I have been using Codewarrior 8.5 for some time.  Recently I switched to 8.7 for Power Architecture, and I've noticed that the size of the compiled/linked code is larger.  I tried setting the option "-opt size" (as opposed to -opt speed, the default), but it only makes a marginal difference.  is there anything else I can do?  Does this sound like normal Codewarrior behaviour?
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you can check the compiler versions by Help->About Freescale CodeWarrior, click the 'installed products', unfold plugins folder, unfold compiler folder and check the 'ppc_eabi.dll' version.

As you can see the compiler has changed a bit... For available detailled compiler options you may want to have a look at the 'Power Arch Build Tools Reference.pdf' document.

If this does not provide enough information, I would suggest to log a SR at http://www.freescale.com/webapp/sps/site/homepage.jsp?nodeId=054670&tid=FSH

and click the Submit An SR link.

Hope this helps....

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