How to use CodeWarrior TAP on LS1024ARDB

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How to use CodeWarrior TAP on LS1024ARDB

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How to use CodeWarrior TAP on LS1024ARDB

1. You should have CodeWarrior TAP(CWH-CTP-BASE-HE)and Probe Tips for LS1024A(CWH-CTP-VSPA-YE)


2. Install CodeWarrior for QorIQ LS Series ARMv7 ISA Windows v10.0.4


3. Install CodeWarrior patch (


4. Connect this tool to LS1024A RDB board and run CodeWarrior environment.


5.Start the bootloader and stop it at Barebox command line


6. In CodeWarrior environment File->New->Codewarrior Bareboard project wizard to add a LS1024A project.

    Run->Debug configuration->Debug


7. Window->Show View->Registers. Only ARM architecture registers you read here.



8. If you want to read peripheral device controller register, please use shell mode

   Window->Show->Debugger Shell


CodeWarrior Debugger
Shell v1.0

%> cmdwin::mem <device based address>+offset -s


(use command “help cmdwin::mem” to get the detail )

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