Debugging Linux Kernel with CodeWarrior for PA

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Debugging Linux Kernel with CodeWarrior for PA

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Debugging Linux Kernel with CodeWarrior for PA

This document discusses how to use CodeWarrior for PA to debug Linux Kernel on QorIQ PowerPC platforms. It describes how to configure and build Linux Kernel to support CodeWarrior debugging, how to configure CodeWarrior IDE settings to prepare for Linux Kernel debugging, how to debug Linux Kernel in different booting up stages starting from attaching to the running u-boot.


1. Build Linux Kernel for Debugging


2. Create CodeWarrior Project and Set Attach Launch Configuration for debugging

2.1 Import Vmlinux to Create a CodeWarrior project

2.2 Configure the Attach Launch Configuration


3. Debugging Linux Kernel by Attaching to a Running U-Boot

3.1 Debugging Linux Kernel at the entry point

3.2 Debugging the Kernel before the MMU is Enabled

3.3 Debugging the Kernel after the MMU is Enabled

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I'm not finding support for CodeWarrior in SDK2.0 for T1040.  I don't see an option to include 'CodeWarrior kernel debugging' in menuconfig.  

Also, looking through the source, I don't see the typical DEBUG_CW anywhere in the code. 

If support is missing, can I please get a patch?  Otherwise, please provide some guidance.

Thank you


Hello Robert Cochran,

'CodeWarrior kernel debugging' is not required in SDK 2.0 Kernel source code.



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