Will CW support 64 bits OS?

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Will CW support 64 bits OS?

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I just installed Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit (because of 4GB RAM) to my laptop. But I couldn't install CW v6.2 on it. I copied installed CW62 files on 32 bit system to 64 bit system and then started regservers.bat. IDE started working after that. But it sometimes stops working and needs restart. Also I couldn't find 64 bit driver for Cyclon Pro USB interface. (Ethernet interface is working without any driver)


Do you know if CW will support 64 bit operating systems like Win7?




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I was able to get CW 6.2 running on a 64-bit windows 7 pro system.  There are no 64-bit drivers for the PE micro debugger (I hear that they'll be rady soon), so you'll need to run HIWAVE under XP Mode and forward the USB device to the VM (as the previous post mentioned). 


The compiler will run on 64 bit, but the CW intaller doesn't work.  I found a work around posted in another thread -- just copy the installation from another machine that has it installed and then run the regservers.bat file in the bin directory (has to be run as Administrator). 


You could just run everything in XP mode and not worry about the install issue.

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In windows7 you can install a virtual machine, install the windows 98 kernel and forward the usb ports.  It worked for 4.7 try it and let me konw :smileyhappy:.