Setting Conditional Breakpoint on Program Counter

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Setting Conditional Breakpoint on Program Counter

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My embedded application (on MCF51JM128) is crashing for some unknown reason.  When the debugger finally breaks, usually on an access violation or invalid instruction, the stack is so badly corrupted that it does not provide any useful debugging information.  If possible, I'd like to set a conditional breakpoint on the Program Counter (PC), so that whenever it is set outside the valid range of addresses in which our application resides in Flash it will trigger a break.


I am using CodeWarrior 10.2, and so far I've found what looks like a mechanism for implementing a conditional break on the PC (see attached images).  How should I configure the Set Trigger Properties dialog box to setup the breakpoint?  Our application's valid range of addresses is between 0x00000420 and 0x00006628.  Thanks!

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