S12ZVML64 map file

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S12ZVML64 map file

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After compiler the source code. I check the map file, but the file vector.c is not include in map. 

How to do modify or set it?

Below link is source code


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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport


it is big issue to test the SW which is not packed in one folder with exact path and existing files.

I suggest you to move all files used by project to the project directory and pack entire folder from higher level to one package. Moreover, if possible, test the package on the computer which does not contain any of supporting folders with libraries to be sure the package is independent and can be checked without any issues on another computer.

I have tested similar project I downloaded from our pages and it work without any issue. Could you please also test it?

BTW, the file is usually excluded from map file i following cases:

- the compilation was not performed correctly and the SW contains and reports errors

- there is no function and/or variable fro the file used in the project either from application or from optimization point of view.

Best regards,


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