Debugger Crashes, etc. While Trying to Debug MC9S08GT16A

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Debugger Crashes, etc. While Trying to Debug MC9S08GT16A

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I'm having a lot of trouble using the debugger in the Eclipse Codewarrior with my MC9S08GT16A on Windows 7 x64.  It will sometimes decide to actually resume when I click Step Over/Step Into, or it will actually take me all the way to the next time that the same function I am currently in is called, which makes it look like it has properly stepped, except that all the arguments match the values from the next call to that function (and yes, all the code between those two function calls has been executed).  And sometimes, especially when stopping or starting a debug session, the debugger process appears to crash and I get a "Integrated Development Environment has stopped working" message box.  Am I the only one with these issues?  I'm using the USB-ML-12 USB BDM debugger from PE Micro as the debugger connection, with version 10 of the PE drivers.


Here is the information from the About box in CodeWarrior:

CodeWarrior Development Studio

Version: 1.0.0
Build Id: b15_2105-A22

(c) Freescale Semiconductor, Inc. 2010. All rights reserved.
Learn more about CodeWarrior at

Installed Products:
 - CodeWarrior for MCU
     Version: 10.1
     Build Id:110726

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