TWR-MFC52259 printf , realloc , and profiler

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TWR-MFC52259 printf , realloc , and profiler

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The board that the project is being run on is a TWR MCF52259 using CodeWarrior v 10.6.


When using %f with printf their is some strange behavior. The letter f is printed and than nothing after the %f is printed out (including \n). Currently I’ve been just using %d and working around the issue for benchmarking but would like to be able to use %f.


Is there a function that is used to replace realloc like there is for malloc? If not is there a common work around?


For the profiler I see some timer C files have been made but didn’t see one for the 5225X boards. Is there an example of using the ColdFire_Support profiler for a 5225X board that I could look at?

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