T4240QDS bareboard project can't print "Welcome to Code Warrior"

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T4240QDS bareboard project can't print "Welcome to Code Warrior"

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I try to run CodeWarrior PA 10.5.1


1. bareboard project

2. on T4240QDS (SCH-27313 REV. D5 ; S/N K1529 34823-018 ; 00:04:9F:03:CF:B8)

3. I keep the default UART1 as output.

4. But it wont show on the serial UART1 of T4240QDS.


What could be the problem?





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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hello Joseph,

Please refer to the following answer I provided in case 00077659, if your problem remains, please provide the information which I required previously.

I verified CodeWarrior 10.5.1 sample project on T4240QDS(with FPGA 5), no problem to print the following message in UART1 console.
>Core0-Thread0: Welcome to CodeWarrior!

There is an known issue regarding T4240QDS connecting CodeWarrior, I am not sure whether you got to know it previously. CodeWarrior fails to connect to T4240QDS CPU v2.0 board with the default FPGA 6. Users need to downgrade FPGA to version 5 on T4240QDS to connect to CodeWarrior.
Please refer to the thread(https://community.nxp.com/message/442081#comment-442081) for details.

If your problem remains, would you please enable and capture CCS log and send it to me?
Please refer to the following procedure.
Please enable CCS log from "Run->Debug Configurations -><project>-core0_RAM_-T4240_Download->Edit...->Advanced->Advanced CCS setting->Enable logging", and connect to the target from
"Run->Debug Configurations-><project>-core0_RAM_T4240-Download->Debug”, the CCS log will be displayed in the console panel in CodeWarrior IDE.
(If the CCS log in the console is truncated, please enlarge the console  buffer from Window->Preferences->Run/Debug->Console->uncheck  "Limit console output". Please open the console panel from Window->Show View->Console, and if nothing displayed, please choose the correct session on the right top icon in the panel.)

Have a great day,

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