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Processor Intialization

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I've just started using CW 10.5 for a new project. There used to be an option in the project wizard for Processor Initialization along with Processor Expert.

It was a simpler interface that provided a hardware diagram of the processor and allowed you click each module like a UART or SPI and configure the pins, interrupts

and other values. When you were done you clicked a button and it generated an MCU_Init.c file with all the register initialization setup as well as interrupt

code stubs.

What happened to that feature?

I much prefered it to the bloated code that Processor Expert generates.

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Hello Simon:

CW v10.3 was the last version to support Device Initialization.

However, if you do not like drivers generated by Processor Expert, you could just use the components whose name starts with Init (e.g. Init_ADC, Init_GPIO). Such components just create initialization code, instead of a whole driver. If still you are not comfortable with the source files and layout of a project with PE, you can simply copy the code generated by these Init components to your own Non-processor expert projects.

About the hardware diagram, it is still available with Processor Expert. Just right click on the cpu component and select Target Processor Package.


Then, from the "Processor" view you can right click to any of the modules and go to Add Component/Template. Please refer to the attached screenshot.

Hope this helps!

Jorge Gonzalez

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