CodeWarrior v5.2 Created Watchdog Code

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CodeWarrior v5.2 Created Watchdog Code

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Hi, I am working on converting a cosmic compiled code into a codewarrior compiled code. I've worked on changing all the pwm global names over to what codewarrior calls them. My code compiles but the log2phy generated code will not allow my code to work. My circuit board has a built in watchdog function to where if pin 66 outputs a weird signal it will send a repeating signal to my reset pin of my chip. My code has its own update_watchdog() method, but codewarrior seems to have its own watchdog method called __FEED_COP(). If I replace all my "update_watchdog()" functions with __FEED_COP(), my code compiles and loads onto my board but still doesn't have functionality even if that reset signal is no longer repeating. It seems I need my update_watchdog method but also need to incorporate codewarrior's but I'm not sure how to do that.


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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport


the function of _FEED_COP()  is to feed 0x55, 0xaa to the COP :

#define _FEED_COP()   ((*(volatile unsigned char*)_COP_RST_ADR)= 0x55,(*(volatile unsigned char*)_COP_RST_ADR)= 0xAA)

I don't know what's update_watchdog() for. Please check if the function code is same as _FEED_COP.

Besides, CodeWarrior project can download code to flash with debugger directly. Please check if the code can run normal without conversion of log2phy 

Have a nice day,

Jun Zhang

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