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command-line options from Codewarrior IDE

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For Codewarrior (8.7 PA, in this case) I want to take a project that has been known to compile/link succesfully and extract all the options so that I can produce an identical build with the command-line compiler/linker.  I can do this now by examining every panel of the options and setting the correct command-line options based on the documentation.  This is a very tedious process, however, and I was wondering if there was a simply way to accomplish what I want.

basically, how can I get the options for the compiler/linker out of the IDE and use them with the command-line compiler/linker?

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Choose File | Export Project... and export the project's settings as an XML file. Use an editor to look for the settings panels you're interested in. (The XML is commented so it's easy to find a particular panel and its settings.) Use this information to build your command line. I don't know if hacking around in an editor is going to be less tedious then poking at UI controls, but there it is.

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