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Simply program HCS08

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here is my problem :

I use CW6.3 for MCU and USB Multilink interface (PE Micro) with HCS08 microcontroler. When i want to program the HCS08 on my board i use HiWave (included in CW6.3) or i program in debug mode with CW and then disconnect USB Multilink from my board. My computer runs with XP 32 bits and everything is ok.

I have to send my executable *.s19 file to my customer in order him to update his boards and there will be many updates to come later.

His PC runs under Windows 7 64 bits and the CW installation fails. So I tried to install CW for MCU 10.1 (wich is compatible with Windows 7) on my PC . But I didn't find how to program the HCS08. Any idea how to do ?

Also,  is there any software to only program the HCS08 on Seven 64 bits. I didn't found any standalone free software to only program HCS08 (under XP or Seven 32 or 64 bits).

It's crazy to have to install CW MCU 10.1 just to program the HCS08. I already spent a lot of time with it.

I have exactly the same problem for programming DSC56F8025 with USB  Tap (Flash programmer V1.2). No problem with XP and installation fails under Seven 64 bits. And it's for the same customer ! We have 2 boards connected with uart communication. So our customer can't update firmware on the 2 boards.

I don't thing i'm the only user who has problems with Seven for DSC 56F80XX and HCS08 !


Thanks in advance.

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  You have a option to flash in code warrior V10.6  you can use this with a  USB connection of cyclone pro.

here  you  need to select the .s19 file. 

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For stand-alone programming of HCS08 devices, PROGHCS08 requires to be purchased from P&E.  There is also a command line version.  You would need to check that it will run on Windows 7.


Another possibility could be the use of a serial bootloader for program upgrade in the field.