How to locate a string at the top end of the ROM?

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How to locate a string at the top end of the ROM?

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Is there a means by which I can instruct the compiler to find out how much ROM there is available in the particular microcontroller being used so that I can then place a string at the top of memory minus the length of the string - rather than finding this out manually each time? 


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I got this from a different question but might answer your question


this allows the code to know where the segment boundaries are.


To get start or end of segment use linker defined symbols __SEG_START_xxx, __SEG_END_xxx, __SEG_SIZE_xxx, where xxx is placement. You need to declare those linker defined symbols in your code like

   extern int __SEG_START_xxx[];


In case data has to be not initialized, change type of segment in prm from READ_WRITE or READ_ONLY to NO_INIT .

see help in CW   Linker-Defined Objects

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