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Codewarrior classic for HCS12

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I need to achieve firmware separation in my project. What actually I want to do is to have two applications where one could interact with the other (for example call a routine from one application to the other one). Each application has its own prm file and its own calculated CRC. Any source code modification on one application would not affect the CRC of the other one.
Is there any example that I could use as a guide for? Is anybody else that managed to do something like this or a similar one?

I am interested in for mc9s12dg256 or mc9s12xdt512 MCU or any other example for HCS12.
Thanks in advance.

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hello Ilias Karakiritsis,

From my understanding, you want to load two executable projects to one chip. Right? I don't think we have this kind of pure C demo project for HCS12. We have Bootloader+app asm mixed demo project

The philosophy of the boot-loader is described in the AN2295 - Developer’s Serial Boot-loader M68HC08 and HCS08 MCUs or AN2548 Serial Monitor Program for HCS12 MCUs.

You should be able to perform search these two documents and demo projects from our website

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Have a great day,
Jennie Zhang

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