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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

The race is on

The automotive industry is being revolutionized by innovations in efficient energy management, new vehicle architectures and software-defined vehicles (SDVs).  Automakers are racing to develop new solutions, taking advantage of these paradigm shifts in the market to establish themselves as innovators and to secure competitive positioning for their products.   

Market adoption of electrified vehicles is ramping quickly, propelled by government legislation for improved efficiency and reduced carbon emissions.  Vehicle networks have become increasingly complex, and manufacturers are recognizing significant opportunities to reduce cost, vehicle weight and development cycle times by moving to domain and zonal architectures that consolidate functions into fewer electronic control units with increased processing power.  Software-defined vehicles, which take full advantage of these new vehicle architectures, will provide life-long upgrade possibilities, resulting in vehicles that improve in performance over their lifetime and enable new revenue streams for vehicle manufacturers. 


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