what are the programming pins of P87C51MC2? which Programmer can i use ?

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what are the programming pins of P87C51MC2? which Programmer can i use ?

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Hello Guys, 

I want to use the microcontroller P87C51MC2 of NXP, but i can't understand how to program it.

can anyone help me to know which pins are used for the programming and if there is any programmers available in the market ? and which sw-tool can i use to program it in C/C++ ?

Thank you !

Best Regards

K.Ben Ali

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Hello Mr.Vicente,

Thank you very much for answering my questions. I am working on the project in which the Old microcontroller is Obsolete (P89C51RD2BN): I just need to change the microcontroller to an available one. I am a hardware engineer and want to use an available microcontroller belonging to the same family so i change just the HW-Conception (with some small sw changes).

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Please be aware that the P87C51MC2 is a very old device that is still active but is the last one of the 80C51 devices. 

If you are starting a project I recommend you move to a new product like the S08 family or the LPC800 family (32 bit) 

Regarding your question this device is compatible with any 80C51 programmer, unfortunately, we do not have any available now, you can check with a partner like PEmicro or Elnec.

If I remember the programming is using the RST, EA, PSEN, Ale and the UART pins


Please let me know if you need more information for the new devices