mpxy8300 interrupt illegal_bp problem

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mpxy8300 interrupt illegal_bp problem

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Hi all guys,


I am currently working on a project using MPXY8300 TPMS chip, which is driven by HSC08 core. However I have encountered problem when using interrupts, and I always get ILLEGAL_BP while debugging. I have read several posts but nothing actually helped me. Here is what I have:


void main(void) {   /* This code continously transmit TPMS packets of type BERU RDE012 */      UINT8 i;   volatile UINT8 tmp;   volatile UINT8 RFRD_data[11];   UINT16 delay=0;      /* Set up MCU and set STOP mode. */   __RESET_WATCHDOG();      vfnSetupMCU();   vfnSetSTOPMode(4);    vfnSetupRFX();      EnableInterrupts;        PTADD |= BIT3;  // set pin A3 output    LED_OFF;   LED_ON;   LED_OFF;   while(1); } 


COP is disabled by writing 0x33 in SOPT1 reg.

Interrupt is defined in another file in the following way:

#pragma CODE_SEG NON_BANKED void interrupt VectorNumber_Vwuktmr wup_isr(void) {   PWUCS0_WUFACK = SET;  PWUCS1_PRFACK = SET;   LED_ON;  LED_OFF; } #pragma CODE_SEG DEFAULT


I don't use any interrupt table (If I understood correctly,that was an old way, but I also tried with linking error that desired segment is already in use ...).


Many thanks in advance for your suggestions,

Nemanja Savic

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