Zigbee MC13213  current consumption problem..

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Zigbee MC13213  current consumption problem..

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I'm developing a Zigbee module for home network. My design is using your MC13213 chip with the BeeKit Toolkit. I'm facing a serious consumption problem with the module, that we hoped is product of our inexperience with the Freescale's new stack. The hardware in idle mode has a current consumption of 20mA and when the device establish/conneted to a network this current rise up to 50mA and it remains in this value. The hardware was designed following the freescale's reference designs. All the unused GPIO MCU pins are programmed as low drive outputs and the GPIO Modem pins are tied  to ground through a 10k resistor. In this application we are using 3 LEDs, and 4 switches (one for RESET). The LED_PORT is PTB and the pins used are 1,2 and 3. For the SWITCH_PORT the PTC port is used in the pins 2,3,4, this is configured as inputs with pull-ups enables. For the WirelessUart the UART1 is used without HW Flow Control. Attached to this request are the planes of our module's hardware.   In spite of this consumption the zigbbe application works fine, the nodes communicate, the information flows from a point to another one in the network and functions such as binding behaves normally. Could some one give me some direction on the possible source of our problem?
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Belkis Morgalo
Telecommunications Engineer

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To reduce power consumption, I recomend you to drive unused ports into high impedance state.
Also when node is not transmitting the packets put the modem in one of the stop modes. Try to use best value of the pullup resistor in place of 10. I recomend to use on chip internal pullup resistor. Could you please share your all the hardware files like Schematic, PCB and Gerber files with me please. Do you have any circuit to increase the range og the module to 1000 meters. My email ID munirathnam.pavuluri@siemens.com.
Thank you.
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