MC9S08DZ60AMLH I2C issue

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MC9S08DZ60AMLH I2C issue

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I'm developing the IIC driver for the MC9S08DZ60AMLH processor.  At first it was working, then suddenly it stopped.  I found a bad solder joint and repaired it, but it still does not work.


Whenever I set the MST bit, it immediately clears!  The unit never enters master mode - it never sends any data out.


I've searched all the datasheets I can find, nothing mentions this as an issue.  They all simply say "set the MST bit to enter into master mode and create an IIC START".


To test the lines I've set the GPIO to output on the same lines and have had no problem making the lines go high and low.


I also switched to the other pins (you can use two different sets of pins) and tried it there.  Same results.


Any ideas?  Could the IIC module be damaged?

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee


Please find attached to this response an IIC sample code for your device.

I recommend testing the mentioned code in order to check if the IIC module is still working.

In that way we can be sure if the code or the hardware is the problem.

Have a great day. :smileyhappy:

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