JaMini USB Microcontroller Module (40 pin DIP package with MC9S08JM60)

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JaMini USB Microcontroller Module (40 pin DIP package with MC9S08JM60)

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Just wanted to let everyone know that we have launched a new module based around the Freescale JM microcontroller family.


Please visit us at http://www.protoease.com for details.  On the blog link, you can find the full schematic of the module's internals.


A quick summary of features:

  • Uses the Freescale MC9S08JM60 microcontroller with 60 KB Flash and 4 KB RAM
  • Size of a 40-pin DIP IC, uses standard 0.1" C-C pin headers (or you can direct wire to it)
  • Includes Mini-USB connection - create a USB device with the module or use it to load code without a debugger!
  • Includes LDO voltage regulator supporting up to 16V input.  Output (up to 1 A) can be used to power user's circuit.
  • Includes crystal and all other support components for the microcontroller
  • Breaks out all I/O to the pin headers (with exception of a few I/O lines).
  • Includes two pushbuttons: Reset and BOOT/User.  The BOOT button can be used to enter Bootloader mode, whereby code can be flashed to the micro over the USB connection.
  • BDM connection is included but not populated


Hopefully this will help someone prototype their idea easier and faster.




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