How can I learn Mixoo universal stylus for pens at home ?

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How can I learn Mixoo universal stylus for pens at home ?

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I am an  engineer in the field of universal stylus for pens. I am always making projects for universal stylus at home after work. In recent days, I spent 3 hours making the project, but I am going to study a program called how I  can learn universal stylus for pens at home. 

Here are my projects:

About my program:


Pen tube diameter 0.35"(9.5mm)

Disc diameter: 0.27" (6.8mm)(2mm rubber point)

Fiber tip Diameter:0.24 (6mm)

Weight: 24g

Material: Stainless steel, Aluminum

First  of all, you need to prepare a pen, and on the other hand you need to consider that the universal stylus for pens can not be touched on the ipad or iphone as it needs to form an electrical circle. 

It  is very easy to use and there is no worries for touching the ipad or iphone, in this way, the surface of the ipad or iphone will be dirty. 

What do you think of my project ? Any of your ideas would be highly appreciated.


Are you interested ? 

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