FXTH871511 and USBDM?

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FXTH871511 and USBDM?

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I'm trying to start working with the chip FXTH871511.

I have a development board TPMS871511, I also installed CodeWarrior for MCU, Version: 11.0

I follow the instructions of FXTH87-CW10.6-SETUP.pdf - Installing and using CW 10.6 for TPMS applications.

As a programmer, I use USBDM JB16 and USBDM JS16.

USBDM HSC08 Programmer detects chip as FXTH87XX11. In CW, I select the configuration in Debug Configurations "FXTH87xx22_Starter_Project_CW10_FLASH_OSBDM". 


When I try to debug after loading the project into the chip, I fly to the address 0xFFFF (No Source available) and I can not do anything further. 


I tried to reset the chip from CW, then click "Resume", but really on the wire RST while doing this nothing happens (I connect LED to this wire for control this. May be the reset impulse is so short?). The chip power is also not reset (not cycle target). (I connected to VDD wire LED too). 

It's also quite strange that almost every time a project is loaded into a chip, CW offers to make the chip mass erase. "Device appears to be secure and can only be programmed after a mass erase".


I also have a different version of USBDM, JS16, however, despite the fact that USBDM HCS08 Programmer also recognizes this chip, programming from CW with this device does not work - swears at no ACK from the programmer. "Failed to resume target process. HC / RS / S12Z GDI Protocol Adapter: An error occurred while trying to write registers. Expected BDM command ACK missing "

Tell me, how to move forward with this chip?

Whether it is necessary be sure to purchase P&E's USB Multilink Universal

http://www.pemicro.com/products/product_viewDetails.cfm?product_id=15320168&productTab=5            - This one?

Or I can still work with this chip using USBDM?

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