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Code example for MC13213

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Hi everyone, i've some problem programming MC13213 with codewarrior. I've downloaded BeeKit but it makes too many files and i'm not able to flash the micro 'couse i got a limitated license.
I'd like to start programmig from the old projects for MC12192 ("range demo plus" etc.).
Do you know how to modify these projects to match the new processor hardware?

Thank's for the support.
Best regards

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Sorry Mercurio! I don't think Freescale has plans to release sample projects in non-
BeeKit form. for the MC13213. You'd have to modify all the settings in Target.h and AppTarget.h. The good news for you is, it shouldn't be too terrible. The mc13213 is essentially a 1319x radio plus a gt60 mcu inside a bigger package. If you review the mc1321x datasheet, they fully define the internal connections between the radio and the mcu. So... if you spent a long day with Target.h open in one window and the datasheet open in the other, I'll bet you could get it running.
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