Emulated EEPROM on S08 devices.

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Emulated EEPROM on S08 devices.

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Emulated EEPROM on S08 devices.


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Hello all.


I would like to share a couple of example projects for some S08 devices for EEPROM emulation on the regular Flash memory. Some of the projects are for CodeWarrior v6.3 (Classic), and others are for CodeWarrior v10.x (Eclipse).

The attached document TN228 explains how to run part of the code in RAM, as devices with single Flash array must run from RAM when erasing or programming, so, you could use it as reference.


Application Note AN3822 explains the implementation on Dual Flash array devices; this document is available at the following link:



Hope this will be useful for you.
Best regards!


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I have been looking at the ProcessorExpert Flash component. Is there any reason why I can not use the IFsh1 component and set the write method to

"Destructive Write (with erase)"?

It appears to be a very simple solution - so what's the catch?

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