i.MX Yocto Project: How can I compile the kernel manually?

Document created by Leonardo Sandoval Gonzalez Employee on Jul 30, 2013
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1. To setup the Yocto environment, from the BASE folder run


fsl-community-bsp $ . setup-environment build



2. Build the toolchain


build $ bitbake meta-toolchain

# Other toolchains:

# Qt Embedded toolchain build: bitbake meta-toolchain-qte

# Qt X11 toolchain build: bitbake meta-toolchain-qt



3. Install it on your PC


build $ sudo sh \



4. Setup the toolchain environment


build $ source \


5. Get the Linux Kernel's source code.


$ git clone git://git.freescale.com/imx/linux-2.6-imx.git linux-imx

$ cd linux-imx


6. Create a local branch


linux-imx $ BRANCH=imx_3.0.35_4.0.0 # Change to any branch you want,

  # Use 'git branch -a' to list all

linux-imx $ git checkout -b ${BRANCH} origin/${BRANCH}




linux-imx $ export ARCH=arm 

linux-imx $ export CROSS_COMPILE=arm-poky-linux-gnueabi-

linux-imx $ unset LDFLAGS


8. Choose configuration and compile


linux-imx $ make imx6_defconfig 

linux-imx $ make uImage 


9. To Test your changes, copy the `uImage` into your SD Card


linux-imx $ sudo cp arch/arm/boot/uImage /media/boot



10. If case you want your changes to be reflected on your Yocto Framework, create the patches following the document i.MX Yocto Project: How can I patch the kernel?

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