How to configure the processor component to match my hardware?

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The processor (CPU) component is automatically inserted to Processor Expert project at the time of its creation. It generates a code needed for very basic operation of the CPU and also a common initialization code for resources shared among the peripherals (like interrupt vectors table, clock control etc.).


Clock settings


The processor component is initially set to use no external clock sources (for example, crystal) and only one clock configuration is created. To adjust clock settings, use Component Inspector view to modify the properties in Clock settings and Clock configurations groups. Processor Expert instantly checks the timing of the whole project so the errors are reported if the timing settings are in conflict or cannot be reached.

External bus and memory

The processor component is initially set to use no external bus and only internal memory. To enable and configure external bus, use the Component Inspector view to modify the properties within the group External bus. The placement of individual data or code sections within the address space can be configured on the Build options tab of the Component Inspector.

Importing Board Configuration


The settings for the CPU can be imported from the file. If you are using standard Freescale board configurations, select the command File > Import… Then select Processor Expert / Apply Board Configuration. In the dialog that appears click Browse… button and look for a file with extension .peb at <CWInstallDir>\MCU\Processor_Expert\BoardConfigurations\<processor family>\<board name>\<module>.

If your board is not available within the CodeWarrior installation, you can import the settings from other already configured project. In such case use the command File > Import… and then select Processor Expert / Component Settings to Project.