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This article will focus on the embedded side of the FreeMASTER tool - the communication driver. Currently there are three sources you can get the embedded library from:

  • Driver Package
  • MCUXpresso SDK
  • S32 Design Studio SDK

The following two sections will guide you through each separate approach.

Driver Package

Driver package is independent of any SDK but implements outdated communication protocol versions 2 and 3. Refer to MCUXpresso SDK section for a driver which implements the latest protocol version 4. FreeMASTER 3.0 and FreeMASTER Lite are backward compatible and work with both protocol versions.

Self-extracting installation package is available on FreeMASTER download page under BSP, Drivers and Middleware section. After installation it will create a folder (default path - C:\NXP\FreeMASTER_Serial_Communication_Driver_V2.0) on your system with the following content:


You can start with ready to use projects from examples\SCI_driver_examples folder:


Each example contains a readme file specifying environment requirements (target board and and used IDE). To start a new project you would require to add just two folders to your project src_common containing generic protocol implementation and platform specific sources from src_platform. The latter has a similar layout to the examples (with a per platform sub-folder).

Refer to documentation (doc folder) for further library configuration.


MCUXpresso SDK

Currently, only MCUXpresso SDK includes latest version of FreeMASTER Communication Driver which implements the communication protocol v4.

Latest implementation of the FreeMASTER Communication Protocol (v4.0) was integrated into MCUXpresso SDK. In case you don't have the IDE you can get it from MCUXpresso IDE download page. Next proceed to SDK builder.



Navigate to Development Board Selection, choose a Board/Kit/Processor and build the SDK.



Once the build is ready make sure that FreeMASTER Component is included.



Save your changes and download the SDK. You can import the it from MCUXpresso IDE QuickStart Panel :



In case it is not visible you can add it to your view from: Window → Show View → Quickstart Panel.

Check this video on how you can import SDK into MCUXpresso IDE:

Now you can start a new project and add FreeMASTER middle-ware component


or import FreeMASTER example from SDK


S32 Design Studio SDK

S32 Design Studio SDKs include FreeMASTER Communication Driver v2.0.

Refer to this article for FreeMASTER Driver usage with S32 Design Studio.

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