NXP Helps Industrial-System Developers Apply AI/ML to Their Designs, Easy Path to Deploy Machine Learning on Application Processors

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Artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) are revolutionizing the industrial world. For maximal impact, AI/ML must be done close to where data is generated and the output of analysis used. It's an ideal workload for edge computing and complements NXP’s EdgeScale cloud-based device-management platform. Layerscape processors are well suited to hosting AI/ML workloads. Software from NXP and third parties helps enable developers to create industrial applications using AI/ML technology. These applications can be distributed, Layerscape-based edge nodes with endpoints performing multiple tasks including: addressing condition monitoring or first-level classification; running popular edge frameworks to deliver cloud-like services on premises, aggregating data from multiple endpoints or performing additional analysis; running cloud-based software analyzing data for long-term trends.