seamless ui switch between m4 and AP on imx8qxp android ga.

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Platform: imx8qxp mek b0.

OS: android imx-p9.0.0_2.1.0-auto-ga.


Hardware block:


Android p9 ga enabled the hardware partition, so it is impossible to share dpu between AP and m4, and seamless switching can be achieved by keeping the last m4 ui frame until android ui is ready.


To achieve seamless switch between android A core and M4 core on android ga, user needs to modify two parts:

  1. Linux kernel: remove init or configure codes of dpu units and lvds used by m4 core
  2. M4 code: modify dpu pipes, share memory with android partition.


Switching flow:

       M4 release and move camera, dpu to android partition and share the display buffer memory with android, android will not init the dpu subsyses that have been inited by m4 and will keep the m4 last frame ui until android ui is ready.


Imx8qxp dpu block:


Android and M4 shared dpu path:

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