Guide to OTA Update in Android for i.MX platforms

Document created by Shivani Patel on Apr 1, 2019
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This document provides steps to perform the system upgrade/OTA update for Android on i.MX platforms.


  1. Compile the Android images and generate an OTA Package:
    • source build/
    • lunch sabresd_6dq-userdebug
    • make -j4
    • make otapackage
  2. You can find your OTA package in the below path:
    • ls out/target/product/sabresd_6dq/sabresd_6dq-ota-<xxx>.zip
  3. Copy the above OTA zip package to the device in sdcard using adb push
    • adb push out/target/product/sabresd_6dq/sabresd_6dq-ota-<xxx>.zip /sdcard
  4. Move the package from sdcard to the location: /cache/
  5. Make the directory and perform the below steps on the device:
    • mkdir -p /cache/recovery
    • touch /cache/recovery/command
    • echo "--update_package=/cache/" > /cache/recovery/command
    • reboot recovery

The recovery automatically applies the command and installs this update package.


Note: In this document, the setup is for the i.MX6Q SABRESD Board. So, PathName and OTA package name subject to change based on target device compilation.

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