Flash layout for new boot flow with TF-A

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Please note that the LSDK memory layout for TF-A boot flow explained in this topic is only applicable for LSDK 18.12 and newer releases. 

The following table shows the memory layout of various firmware stored in NOR/NAND/QSPI flash device or SD card on all QorIQ Reference Design Boards.


Firmware DefinitionMaxSizeFlash Offset (QSPI/NAND flash)Absolute address (NOR bank 0 on LS1043ARDB, LS1021ATWR)

Absolute address 

(NOR bank 4 LS1043ARDB, LS1021ATWR)

Absolute address (NOR bank 0 on LS2088ARDB)

Absolute address

(NOR bank 4 on LS2088ARDB)

SD Start Block No.
RCW + PBI + BL2 (bl2.pbl)1 MiB0x000000000x600000000x640000000x580000000


ATF FIP Image (fip.bin) BL31 + BL32 + BL334 MiB0x001000000x601000000x641000000x5801000000x5841000000x00800
Boot firmware environment1 MiB0x005000000x605000000x645000000x5805000000x5845000000x02800
Secure boot headers2 MiB0x006000000x606000000x646000000x5806000000x5846000000x03000
Secure header or DDR PHY FW512 KiB0x008000000x608000000x648000000x5808000000x5848000000x04000
Fuse provisioning header512 KiB0x008800000x608800000x648800000x5808800000x5848800000x04400
DPAA1 FMAN ucode256 KiB0x009000000x609000000x649000000x5809000000x5849000000x04800
QE/uQE firmware256 KiB0x009400000x609400000x649400000x5809400000x5849400000x04A00
Ethernet PHY firmware256 KiB0x009800000x609800000x649800000x5809800000x5849800000x04C00
Script for flashing image256 KiB0x009C00000x609C00000x649C00000x5809C00000x5849C00000x04E00
DPAA2-MC or PFE firmware3 MiB0x00A000000x60A000000x64A000000x580A000000x584A000000x05000
DPAA2 DPL1 MiB0x00D000000x60D000000x64D000000x580D000000x584D000000x06800
DPAA2 DPC1 MiB0x00E000000x60E000000x64E000000x580E000000x584E000000x07000
Device tree(needed by uefi)1 MiB0x00F000000x60F000000x64F000000x580F000000x584F000000x07800
Kernellsdk_linux.itb16 MiB0x01000000NANANANA0x08000
Ramdisk rfs32 MiB0x02000000NANANANA0x10000


The following figures highlight the changes in the flash layout for previous boot flow (with PPA) and flash layout for TF-A boot flow.


Flash layout for previous boot flow (with PPA)



Changed flash layout for TF-A boot flow