Pins Tool for i.MX v5 Now Available

Document created by Petr Struzka Employee on Dec 21, 2018
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We are pleased to announce that Pins Tool for i.MX Applications Processors v5 is now available.


The Pins Tool for i.MX Applications Processors is used for pin routing configuration,
validation and code generation, including pin functional/electrical properties,
power rails, run-time configurations.


  • Desktop application
  • Muxing and pin configuration with consistency checking
  • Multicore support
  • Localized for English and Simplified Chinese
  • Mostly Connected: On-Demand device data download
  • Integrates with any compiler and IDE
  • Supports English and Chinese (simplified) languages, based on locale settings. Please refer to user manual for details.
  • ANSI-C initialization code
  • Graphical processor package view
  • Multiple configuration blocks/functions
  • Easy-to-use device configuration
    • Selection of Pins and Peripherals
    • Package with IP blocks
    • Routed pins with electrical characteristics
    • Registers with configured and reset values
    • Power Groups with assigned voltage levels
    • Source code for C/C++ applications
  • Documented and easy to understand source code
  • CSV Report and Device Tree File


Pins tool v4




Overview of Changes - version 5

  • New Configuration Wizard allows to specify the default core for multi-core processors.
  • Data Manager - allows overview of downloaded data, their versions, tool support information, update out dated, or manually download new data.
  • Copy/Paste of pin(s) supported in Routed Pins view.
  • Added in-tool tutorials - eclipse Cheat Sheets integration.

Overview of Changes - version 4.1

  • Undo/Redo supported.
  • Product based on Eclipse Oxygen release 3.
  • Unified import wizard. A single import source is implemented. It allows you to import all supported types of C files.