How To Use SWO Trace on MCUXpresso IDE

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SWO is Serial Wire output, it is a debug interface of Cortec-M3 and M4 core. The SWO Trace provide access to the memory of a running target without needing to interrupt target. It just requires one extra pin from MCU in addition to the standard SWD connection. It is easy to send debug information. If want to know more detail about SWO Trace, you can have a look at <MCUXpresso_IDE_SWO_Trace> .


The document of <MCUXpresso_IDE_SWO_Trace> has describe  SWO Trace function in detail, so in my article , I just demonstrate the steps using SWO Trace on MCUXpresso IDE, based on LPCXpresso54114 board.


     - Requirements:

MCUXpresso IDE v10.2.1 or later

MCUXpresso SDK v2.4.1 for LPC54114

LPCXpresso54114 development board

 micro USB cable

 Personal Computer


- Mainly

     Using SWO Trace Based on NEW SDK Project and SDK Demo

   3.1 Using SWO Trace Based on NEW SDK Project

      Step1. Enable “Redirect printf/scanf to ITM”/Add “retarget_itm.c”

      Step2. Enable SWO Pin

      Step3. Enable SWO Trace clock

      Step4. Add Code to Send Text

      Step5. Download project

      Step6. Configure MCUxpresso IDE

      3.2 Using SWO Trace Based on SDK Demo