How to create new configuration in CodeWarrior for MCU

Document created by Martin Kovar Employee on Oct 4, 2018Last modified by Martin Kovar Employee on Oct 5, 2018
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This document describes, how to create another configuration to existing ones (RAM, FLASH) and how to use your own linker file for the new configuration.


As soon as you have created project, right click the project and select Properties. Click Tool Chain Editor.



In upper right corner, select Manage Configurations. New window will appear, then click new.



As soon as you choose new, another window will appear and here you can insert name of the configuration, description and last, you must choose, which configuration will be settings copied from. So, for example, you can choose existing FLASH configuration.


Click OK and new configuration will be created. Now, you can choose the new configuration as the active configuration, also this new configuration is added to configurations, and it is accessible via "hammer" icon in upper left corner.


Now, it is necessary to set linker file you want to use with this configuration. Because this new configuration is inherited from FLASH configuration, it also uses default flash linker file.


Set your configuration as active at first.



After this step, in project properties select Settings->PowerPC Linker input tab. Into line Link Command File, choose path to required linker file you want to use with the new configuration.


Click OK. You can verify the new configuration is chosen using arrow new to the hammer icon.




How to use new configuration in debug configuration


As soon as you have new configuration created, it is highly probable, you would like to download created elf into microcontroller and eventually debug it.


Open debug configuration window.


Now you can create new debug configuration or you can duplicate existing one. I will describe easier option and I will duplicate Flash configuration.


Choose the flash configuration and click the duplicate icon. New configuration will appear.


Now choose the new configuration, change the name and select elf file, which is created by new configuration.


Click Apply and Debug button.