LPC11U6x USB to I2C Bridge Implementation

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The LPC11U6x USB to I2C Bridge project utilizes NXP’s USB Serial I/O (LPCUSBSIO) library to demonstrate the I2C sensor control via the full speed USB functionality on LPC11U6x.

The project is implemented on the LPC11U6x LPCXpresso board as well as the LPC11U68 Development Board.

The firmware packages include USB HID and I2C drivers and are implemented with Keil, IAR and LPCXpresso three IDEs .

All packages are built with LPCOpen structure and are available for download from the links provided at the end of this project page. Within the Keil and IAR Manley board packages there are two demos. The LCD demo will require a Keil/IAR official license to build. In addition, to use the LPCXpresso IDE, user need to use the latest LPCXpresso IDE 6.1.4 avaialble from down load at the link below.

Instructions on how to build and use the LPCXpresso package can be found from this link.

A windows based GUI is provided to demonstrate the functionality of the USB to I2C bridging functionality utilizing the NXP LPCUSBSIO library.

The LPC11U68 DevelopmentBoard and LPCXpresso board enumerate as HID devices on the windows PC. The GUI program talks to LPC11U6x through USB HID device class protocol. Upon start, this window side application automatically scans the I2C devices found on the hardware. On the Manley board, this GUI can monitor the on board I2C temperature sensor. When demonstrating this implementation with the LPC11U6x LPCXpresso board, the EA LPCXpresso base board should be connected for richer user experience. When the EA LPCXpresso base board exists, this GUI application can control the LEDs on the LPCXpresso base board via the I2C Expander PCA9532 on board. The binary of the GUI application is available for download at the end of this project page. NXP will publish the source code of this application in the next couple weeks.

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