FTF Connects - San Jose - June 20-21, 2017

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Secure Connected & Automated Vehicles

ADAS: NXP Secure V2X Solution 

ADAS: Smart Actuators—Enabling Autonomous Vehicles 

Abstracting Inter Platform Communication in Automotive 

Automotive Semiconductor for Purchasing/Buyer 

Automotive Sensor Overview 

Component Selection—The Make-or-Break Milestone Towards Autonomous Vehicles 

ePowertrain: Battery Management Applications 

ePowertrain: General Purpose MCUs - S32K Overview and Solutions 

ePowertrain: NXP Portfolio for the Electrification of Vehicles 

ePowertrain: Simplify your High Voltage / High Current Inverter through Advancements in IGBT Gate Drive Integrated Drivers 

Green Hills: Automotive Cybersecurity Year in Review 

Green Hills: Secure Hypervisor For Safety Integrated Cockpits

Hands-On Workshop: MPC574xG SDK for Gateway 

Hands-On Workshop: S32 SDK for S32K 

Hands-On Workshop: Using S32V’s Dual-APEX Engines for High-Performance/Low-Power Computer Vision and ADAS Safety Applications 

i.MX 8 and 8X Applications Processor Overview 

Infotainment: Accelerate Your Designs with i.MX 8 Software 

Infotainment: Introduction to NXP IVI Solution to Accelerate Customer Time-to-Market 

Infotainment: Tuners – Mercury + Titan

ISO26262/IEC61508 Functional Safety Overview 

MagniV® Based High Current 3 phs Motor Control Solutions 

RadarSDK for S32R Processors 

Security & IVN: Automotive Ethernet PHY+ Software 

Security & IVN: Automotive Securtiy Product Features 

Security & IVN - Introduction to Using MPC574xG/C/B (Calypso) SDK for Gateway Applications 

Security & IVN: NXP Automotive Cyber Security 

Security & IVN: NXP Car Access with NFC and RF Auto 

Tools and Enablement: Automotive Microcontrollers and Processors Portfolio Overview 

Tools and Enablement - S32 Design-Studio – How to Design and What to Expect from NXP's Free Software Tools 

Tools and Enablement: SqueezeNet CNN on S32V234 

Tools and Enablement: The Software Enablement of BlueBox v2.0: From Boot to ADAS Enablement 


Smart Buildings & Consumer Goods

Design Challenges of Portable RF Cooking Applications 

Get the Most Sound from the Small Speakers in Portable Devices 

Google™ Home and NXP®: Android Things, Google Assistant and Chromecast™ Built-in 

i.MX 8M Processor Overview and the Road Ahead 

Modular IoT Framework 

San Jose: Getting Started with Kinetis KW41Z - BLE/802.15.4 Solutions for the IoT 

San Jose: Hands-On Workshop: BLE and Thread™ Using Kinetis® KW41Z 

San Jose: Low-Power i.MX Applications Processors Overview 

San Jose: NFC in Consumer Electronics and Home Appliances 

Secure Authentication for Anti-Counterfeit Applications 

Sensor Products for IoT and IMM 

The More (Memory), the Merrier: Learn About Using the K27/K28 Series for Highly-Integrated Next-Generation IoT Applications 

Voice Control Solutions: Creating Amazon® Alexa® Devices with i.MX 


Secure Mobile, Healthcare & Wearables

Designing with the New Ultra-Low-Power BLE System on Chip 


Smart Machinery & Industrial Automation

Process for Designing an NFC Reader Application 


Enabling Design, Technologies & Solutions

All You Need to Know About DDR4 

ARM: Hands-On Workshop: Developing ARM® mbed™ OS Applications with NXP Platforms 

Boost Your Productivity with CodeWarrior® Development Tools for ARM®v8 Architecture 

Hands-On Workshop: Using MCUXpresso SDK 

Introduction to the Next-Generation USB Type-C Connector and NXP’s End-to-End Solution 

It’s All About the Space: Printed Circuit Board Design for EMC 

LPC800 MCUs Technical Overview: NXP’s Fastest Growing Portfolio for the Broad, 8-bit Alternative Market 

Micron’s Memory Solutions for the New i.MX 8 Microprocessor 

NXP’s Next-Generation Layerscape Linux® SDK 

Overview of the I3C Interface, Successor of the Well-Known I2C Interface 

San Jose: Hands-On Workshop: MCUXpresso Software and Tools

Securing the Product Life Cycle 

Speed Your Time-to-Market: NXP Software and Services Providing a Competitive Advantage 


Smart Networks & Computing

Discover the Latest Cost-Effective 64-bit ARM® Offerings from NXP 

Enabling a New Class of Low-Powered Applications with Line-Rate Networking and 64-bit Performance 

How Far Can You Go with NXP's Flexible Layerscape Portfolio? 

Learn About New NXP High Performance, Integrated, Programmable Wi-Fi, Based on the New Upcoming Standards with Solutions Focusing on Home, Office and Industrial Environments 

Move from Physical to Virtual Network Functions on ARM® QorIQ Platforms Using KVM Virtual Machines and Docker™ Containers 

New Kid on the Block - 60 GHz Wi-Fi 

NXP RF Solutions for IoT to Deliver Reliable, High-Performance Wireless Connections 

San Jose: Smart, Secured IoT Gateway Platform with Sensor Fusion, Local and Cloud Analytic 

San Jose & Westford: Leverage NXP Security and Trust Features for Your System 

User Space Networking: Using and Choosing Between ODP and DPDK for ARM Platforms 

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