imx6sx rotation usage

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as we known, mx6sx doesn’t have IPU, if we need to resize, rotation or blending…., we can use pxp module, this part, we talk about rotation for example.

We also can use GPU for rotation, but in imx6sx, the number after 6sx in the part number stands for the chip including gpu or not, the number 4 and 3 mean mx6sx has gpu, like MCIMX6X3EVN10AB. and 1,2 and 3 mean mx6sx doesn’t have gpu, like MCIMX6X2EVN10AB

for gpu, we know we can use xrander to rotate ,in this part, we focus on pxp rotation

the stesp:

  • enable pxp in the kernel:

              $ bitbake -c menuconfig linux-imx, then choose Device Drivers ---> DMA Engine support --->

[*] MXC PxP support

[*] MXC PxP Client Device

2) download the built image from tmp/deploy/images/imx6sxsabresd

3) boot up the board, then you can find the pxp_v4l2_test.out in the unit test

4) use the command as below to test the rotation:

./pxp_v4l2_test.out -sx 480 -sy 272 -res 352:240 -a 100  -r 90 fb-352x240.yuv BLANK


Sx and sy is resolution for display, -res is resolution for image or video. -r is for rotaion, you can set 0,90,180 and 270 for it. I attach the fb-352x240.yuv for testing

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