AMF-AUT-T1944 - Design the Car of the Future: i.MX 8 Virtualization and Media Capabilities for Next Gen eCockpits

File uploaded by Renee Fortenberry Employee on Oct 18, 2016
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The hottest topic in automotive design today is the concept of the eCockpit -- where all visual functions in the car are controlled across multiple screens and fully integrated for the driver’s convenience. The key technology that enables eCockpit to run on a single processor also offers new capabilities in industrial, embedded and consumer products such as drones, manufacturing HMI interfaces and smart displays. This class will cover the fundamental technologies and architectural techniques in the i.MX 8 processor which enables rich eCockpit functionality, how NXP has implemented the world’s most significant full chip virtualization capabilities in an ARM-based processor and breaks down the eCockpit demo from the Tech Lab.