Introducing Kinetis Bootloader v2

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Kinetis Bootloader(KBOOT) v2 is now available on webpage. Download the KBOOT v2 package today to jump start your flash programming with Kinetis MCUs.


What's new in Kinetis Bootloader v2

The Kinetis Bootloader v2 is a major update to Kinetis Bootloader v1, a configurable and robust flash programming utility. KBOOT v2 shares system startup, header files and peripheral drivers with Kinetis SDK v2. Additionally, KBOOT v2 includes more reference examples along with corresponding user's guides. KBOOT v2 has a more comprehensive tool set, which includes an enhanced flash GUI tool, a manufacturing tool and an encryption tool.


Peripheral Drivers from KSDK v2

KBOOT v2 incorporates the simplified peripheral drivers in KSDK v2. As a benefit, it is now easier to integrate your KSDK v2 based application with Kinetis Bootloader. Nonetheless, the packet-based communication protocol on top of the low-level peripheral drivers is compatible between KBOOT v1 and v2.


USB Device MSC and External QuadSPI Flash

Drag-and-drop flash programming is now available in KBOOT v2 supported by an USB device MSC bootloader. KBOOT v2 is also capable of programming an external NOR flash via the QuadSPI interface and jumping to the application, which resides in the external flash. Check QuadSPI User's Guide for demo information.


Programming Encrypted Image (.sb file)

Encryption support in KBOOT K80 Tools Package (released in Oct 2015) is rolled into KBOOT v2 and extended to more platforms. Check Kinetis Elftosb User's Guide on how to generate a encrypted .sb image.


Embedded Host Demo

KBOOT v2 adds an Embedded Host demo that uses the TWR-K65F180M as the host platform to communicate over I2C, SPI, UART and CAN interfaces with Kinetis Bootloader running on a target platform. KBOOT v2 has a comprehensive set of demos on communication over all serial interfaces supported. Check Embedded Host User's Guide for demo information.


Kinetis Flash Tool and Manufacturing Tool

KBOOT v2 introduces the Kinetis Flash Tool, an enhanced GUI tool regenerating Kinetis Updater. The graphic interface has been redesigned for easy flash operation - program, erase and verify - over UART and USB, In addition, Kinetis Flash Tool has the capability to configure the bootloader and generate a C code file that can be integrated in your project. Manufacturing Tool now to enable programming up to 4 devices simultaneously. On more information about the Flash Tool and Manufacturing Tool, check Kinetis Flash Tool User's Guide and Manufacturing Tool v2.0 for Kinetis Bootloader User's Guide.


Supported Devices

KBOOT v2 supports all existing devices in KBOOT v1 and more beyond -

  • FRDM-K64F and TWR-K64F120M
  • FRDM-K22F and TWR-K22F120M
  • FRDM-K66F and TWR-K65F180M
  • FRDM-K82F and TWR-K80F150M
  • TWR-K24F120M
  • FRDM-KL25Z and TWR-KL25Z48M
  • FRDM-KL82Z and TWR-KL82Z72M
  • FRDM-KL28Z and TWR-KL28Z
  • FRDM-KV11Z and TWR-KV11Z128M
  • FRDM-KV31F and TWR-KV31F120M
  • TWR-KV46F150M
  • TWR-KV58F220M
  • MAPS-KS22F256

Note: FRDM-KL28Z and TWR-KL28Z haven't been launched to market yet, status to be updated soon.


Toolchain Support

  • Kinetis Design Studio v3.2.0
  • IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM v7.50.1
  • Keil MDK v5.18
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