IOH: Getting started with IOH in custom projects

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Adding IOH functionality to a custom project is not difficult, but does involve a few important steps. These steps are explained in more detail on this page. Since the implementation of most of the steps are IDE dependant, details for each supported IDE (LPCXpresso, Keil MDK, IAR EWARM) are given on seperate pages.


Steps in general

In general, the following steps should be followed when using an IOH library in a custom project:

1. Add the IOH library (*.lib, *.a) to the project.

2. Add the path where the library's header file resides to the project’s include path.

3. #include the IOH header file in the source code of the application.

4. Configure the linker to place the IOH related sections in the IOH SRAM using our provided linker scripts (for LPCXpresso this step is performed automatically when an IOH enabled device is selected).

5. Enable the IOH SRAM (SRAM1) before C-library initialization (startup/system_init code).

6. Interact with IOH via the library's API.


Detailed instructions per IDE

For more detailed, per IDE instructions, visit the pages below: