How to add SD card support in the composite msd_cdc demo[KSDK 1.3]

Document created by Kan_Li Employee on Mar 3, 2016
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So far the composite msd_cdc demo from ksdk 1.3 just supports ram disk application, to have the SD card support just as the dev_msd demo, you have to go through the following steps:


  • Add platform/composite/src/sdcard/fsl_sdhc_card.c and platform\drivers\src\sdhc\fsl_sdhc_irq.c to the project.

  • Add project including path: platform\composite\inc and platform\drivers\inc.
  • Change usb\example\device\composite\msd_cdc\disk.c as attached file

     Change usb\example\device\composite\msd_cdc\disk.h as attached file

     Change usb\example\device\composite\msd_cdc\hardware_init.c as attached file.

Compile the demo and let it go, the PC would recognize the MSD and CDC device,  but might need you install the CDC driver, use the one from the folder of "C:\Freescale\KSDK_1.3.0\examples\twrk60d100m\demo_apps\usb\device\cdc\virtual_com\inf".


With SD card inserted , you may see the removable disk, and format the disk just like below:


Copy a ~50M file to this disk

eject the disk after done, and then pull and plug the device again, you may verify the copied file with fc.exe command


This solution has been tested on TWR-K60D100M with TWR-SER, both bm and mqx examples are verified ok, please kindly refer to the attached files for more details.

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