Defect fix for KSDK MK02FN128 -- “xxx.elf uses VFP register arguments”

Document created by ZhangJennie Employee on Jan 30, 2016Last modified by Diana Torres on Feb 28, 2017
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Since last year, I have received several same cases from customers when using KSDK1.2/KSDK1.3 and KDS3.0 with MK02FN128.

When create a new MK02FN128 KSDK project with  SDK Project Generator ( ) or KDS3.0 project wizard, even the new created project has build errors:


When we use KSDK,  ksdk_platform_lib_xxxx must be built for the specific SoC being used in the new created KSDK platform. For K02F12810, this library project file is under:



Open ksdk_platform_lib_K02F122810 with KDS3.0, there is wrong setup in ksdk_platform_lib_K02F12810 properties setting: the default target
processor is cortex-m0plus!


Because K02 is cortex m4 core, obviously we need modify ksdk_platform_lib_K02F12810 target setting to cortex-m4 instead:


After above revise, rebuild the library project. 

Then rebuild user project. The errors are gone.


If user needs to use K02F12810 ksdk_hal_lib_K02F12810 or ksdk_startup_lib_K02F122810 library, they need revise ARM family core to cortex-m4 accordingly. These two libraries project files are under:




I have tested all the KSDS1.3 library projects. This defect is only in K02F12810 .

NXP doesn’t have K02F FRDM board so far, User can download K02F128 project to FRDM-K22F board without problem. I suggest user use K02F128 project+FRDM-K22F board to start a project. For more information on this related, see application note:

“Using the FRDM-K22F to Evaluate K02 and K22FN Devices

Hardware and Software Considerations”